Instructions for use Power Keto

The application of the Power Ketostatement to lose weight

You hold in your hands a unique capsule natural blocker of fast carbs. The drug is effective burn fat, if it is taken according to the manufacturer's recommendations:

  1. One capsule should be taken 2 times per day at mealtime with a glass of water.
  2. The receive frequency must not exceed two times per day.
  3. The course of treatment should not interrupt, if the declarations are registered.

The method of applying Power Keto

Energy efficiency the combination of bio-components to work for you each and every day:

  • designed to facilitate the consumption of slow carbs;
  • accelerates the fat burning process;
  • gives a feeling of satiety;
  • reduces hunger;
  • improves immunity.

In the composition of the product:

  • caffeine without water;
  • the extract of green tea leaf (Camellia sinensis);
  • L-carnitine and L-tartrate;
  • fruit extract of Guarana (Paullinia cupana);
  • taurine.

Despite the fact that the formula of the product contains only natural ingredients, before using the tool, make sure that the counter-indications to the reception you do not have:

  • the age of 18 years;
  • the period of lactation;
  • of pregnancy.
  • registration of the intolerance of the product components.

The product has a cumulative effect, therefore, requires a long period of daily application. Episodic treatment does not give the expected benefits. At the same time, the increase of the recommended dose is not desirable, since it may lead to a deterioration of health.

Just using the composition according to the instructions Power Keto, you get rid of excess weight, improve health, and will be happy to own reflection in the mirror! Have time to take advantage of the offer, in Italy, is a reduction on the drug — 50%.